BGB staff writer
BANGKOK, THAILAND The golf equipment market has become so saturated that manufacturing giants are going to extreme lengths to steal a march on the competition. Industry leaders Callaway are tapping into their customer’s perceived inflated egos with the introduction of product customisation.

The Great Big Bertha Epic driver – the most successful of the company’s driver range – will soon be available in no less that eight customisable colours. Picture yourself strolling onto the tee and pulling off the head cover to reveal a driver resplendent in blue, white, red or even gold, pink or orange. Well now you can!

Callaway Drivers

The colours will be plastered over the sole plates of the titanium and composite Epic and Epic Sub Zero models.

And if you are looking for the complete customisation, then why not add your name to your wedges? Or personalise your golf balls? Callaway makes it possible.

The company has allocated enough space for seven different paint fill areas on it’s MD3 range of wedges, where as many as 10 characters can be squeezed in for maximum impact! You will never loose your wedge again!

And it has made space for 20 characters on the Chrome Soft, Supersoft and other branded balls.

Of course, there is a price to pay for the privilege of having your message blazoned across your balls, or wedges, or a fancy coloured soleplate on your driver.

It comes in the form of a $50 surcharge on Callaway Custom drivers and $15-45 surcharge on wedges.